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Week 2 – I love Dublin. This is a project…

Rounding off the week in style, the Love the City team took to the streets of Dublin prototyping their design project: I love Dublin. This is a project I would love to bring to life…. The team’s design projects related to the favourite ideas developed during the 100 ideas week and voted on by the team. Prototypes of a positive protest, interactive story telling, gratitude banks, story chair at junctions and history on the luas, brought the City to light, putting smiles on people’s faces, causing a ruckus, reminding people of what’s been before and gathering the spirit of the City. The team learned to start small, work fast and adapt their projects as they went. The push is now for the projects to grow, diversify and gain in depth.

2 Responses to “Week 2 – I love Dublin. This is a project…”

  1. Sarah Scannell says:

    Genius! Did anybody join you?

  2. webmaster says:

    How delightful that you are following the progress, a couple of people did, it seemed like the longer we stayed the more interest we got. The best part was seeing all the people seeing us, and as they realised what we were doing beginning to smile!