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Week 2 – 100 examples x 100 ideas

The team completed their 100 x 100 task, producing 100 examples and 100 ideas around the different themes explored in the launch week. After printing and mounting all of the examples, surrounding and enveloping us all, the room suddenly became a hotbed of inspiration! Next came the dissemination of all the work, with everyone presenting their top 10 examples around the selected themes of Storytelling and Spirit. This exploration gave the team a huge insight into the variety of perspectives, opinions and ideals held by each individual in the room. The examples served as a window into the mind, with recurring themes, thought patterns and curiosities pinned to a board for the team to contemplate.
After the themes of Storytelling and Spirit were explored, the task of pulling together the key narrative from each person’s examples began. By bringing together these key examples, both the themes of Storytelling and Spirit became more rounded, dynamic and spirited.

Task completed, we moved onto study the 100 ideas. With everyone’s 100 ideas clinging via post-its to boards, each team member presented his or her ideas around either the themes of Storytelling and Spirit to the rest of the team in 2 minutes flat! The team then had 30 seconds to vote for their two favourite ideas related to each theme. Working with this looseness, they each then had to start preparing for their Friday challenge; I love Dublin. This is a project I would love to bring to life….

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