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» Love the City: Out loud!

Who are we?
We are a group of people passionate about listening, doing and learning, all with the intention of invigorating our City. Do you want to support positive change in the City? Do you have an idea you want to explore? A project you want to test? Join Love the City: Out loud!

How can you get involved?
There are many ways you can join Love the City: Out loud! We love to meet, collaborate and listen to people who have projects, stories, thoughts and ideas about how to create acts of positive change in the City. We are looking for your projects, our goal is to gather 10 amazing projects for the City.

Does this possibility sound interesting?
There are a few ways that you can get involved:

A. Loud
This is for people who would like to…

Give feedback on projects at our weekly meetings
Interact with the group through our Facebook page and blog
Donate ideas to the group

B. Louder
This is for people who would like to…

Collaborate with an existing project
Help build projects around the City
Join a brainstorming session

C. Loudest
This is for people who would like to…

Push and develop an idea
Build and run prototypes to test and develop the idea
Hold meetings and publicise events

When do we meet?
We meet every Wednesday 18.00 – 19.30 at the Designing Dublin Studio, Ormond Building, 31-36 Ormond Quay Upper, Dublin 7. We also host pop up meetings around the City to connect with people interested in the project.

How can you contact us?
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