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Your Country Your Call Application

We are very happy to present our submission for the Your Country, Your Call competition!
Below is a summary of our idea called Learning to Learn.
Download the pdf and find out more!

Learning to Learn Without Boundaries
We have evolved a method of learning that uses design thinking processes and tools to unlock human potential. We call this model, learning to learn.

The question we ask is, what is Ireland’s greatest asset?
The answer is her people.

So the question then is, how do we harness our greatest asset, transform our people, with their imagination, their curiosity, their creativity, their talents, their entrepreneurship, and their passion for discovering new ways of learning into active, engaged citizens who feel compelled to contribute to Ireland’s bright future?

Learning to learn has demonstrated it can create this change.
It is about combining our people with challenges and design thinking to produce solutions and enterprise to the power of 10.

We began developing learning to learn in 2006, since then…
500 people contributed to defining learning to learn.
17 people joined the learning to learn team.
1700 ideas were produced.
18 concepts were sketched.
5 projects were developed.
5000 people were impacted through various mediums.
300 residents engaged in the projects.
20 residents became project champions.
1 developer engaged in the projects.
1 team member started a new business.
1 team member re-energized a start-up business through the new skills.
1 team member started a PhD in citizenship engagement and social spaces.
1 team member returned to the private sector and applied her skills to her projects.
3 team members returned to the public sector and challenged the system.
5 team members formed a learning laboratory.
6 people were employed by Design Twentyfirst Century and have transitioned from students to teachers.
1 collaborator started a new business.
1 business network was established.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin

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