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After the success of Designing Dublin 1.0 – Finding the Hidden Potential of Place, the Designing Dublin team were invited by Dublin City Council to undertake a second project on Dublin’s City Centre.

Between March and May of 2010, some team members from Designing Dublin1.0, took on the discovery phase of the City Centre project. The only parameter that the team was given was the knowledge that the number of people using the City Centre has declined in recent years. Designing Dublin 1.0 was tasked with both understanding this phenomena and then finding ways to make the City Centre a more vibrant, appealing and transparent place for a wider and more diverse range of visitors, dwellers, shoppers, urban enthusiasts, etc.

For thirteen weeks the team studied the City Centre. They became familiar with it’s complexities, diversity, challenges, and possibilities. They remembered the City Centre character, appeal, space and became familiar with existing and new initiatives that offer opportunities for small and large change; as well as the generosity and curiosity of the people who wander in and out of the City Centre.

They concluded that the only way to undertake the massive task of re-invigorating the City Centre, is to start by inspiring people to become re-aware of the City Centre’s offerings while providing people with urban experiences that are care-free, delightful, safe and about discovery.

All of the information gathered during the discover phase was captured in the following book…

Download the Love the City book.
(There are eleven sections.)

00 Opening Section
01 Imaging City
02 Understanding City
03 Reviewing City
04 Ideating City
05 Listening Group
06 Ten Challenges
06a People City
07 Project Matching
08 Mapping City
09 Love the City

In August 2010, a new multidisciplinary team was selected to work on Designing Dublin 2.0 – Love the City. Between September 2010 and March 2011, the team will ask wicked questions, learn how to use design thinking processes, interact and bring together City Centre stakeholders and try quick prototypes all in a defined area of Dublin’s City Centre.

Designing Dublin 2.0 Love the City Team

Ciarán Stanley
I have a keen interest in discussing planning and design issues and also have a lot of interest in sustainable development. I like the process of learning how the city works and find the interactions between each component that the city is made up of very interesting. Since graduating in 2004, I have been working on a daily basis with planners, architects, landscape architects, environmentalists, engineers and community groups and have become aware for the need for an integrated approach to design and planning in all aspects of the social and urban environment – people, transport, streets, buildings, open space and the relationship between each. I am passionate about life, observing it and interacting with it. I also enjoy observing and taking part in social experiments. I really like to travel and experience different cultures, hear the sound of new languages and soak in the atmosphere of new places as much as possible.

Linn Vizard
Baby of the bunch and recent Industrial Design graduate, Linn is a thinker who loves ideas and talking about them. With a Swedish Mom and Dad from Northern Ireland, identity and culture are of strong interest to her. A particular passion for feminism, design for debate and dance illuminate her life. She also loves rubber ducks and the 80′s.

Vincent Harris
My name’s Vincent. I like to watch people. Not in a peeping tom sense, more of an observational sense. My favourite pastime is to sit in a cafe (or bar), have a cigarette with a coffee (or whiskey) and watch people, I like to see how they act and do things. I don’t have any one thing I can call myself. I have a background as an artist, I was involved in advertising and marketing. When I was younger I worked in a cinema, a milk warehouse, a blues bar, a surgery… as well as numerous other places. I’m 30 years old now. I have a one year old daughter. She loves water. I think rain is romantic but I wouldn’t say I love it.  I don’t feel comfortable talking about myself because I feel different every day. Maybe that’s why I swap sides in arguments quite often. 

Nuala Flood
Nuala is an architect who graduated in 2004. Post graduation she worked in both for the public and private sector, focusing in particular on energy efficient buildings. At present she is a researcher in Trinity College Dublin, where she is investigating the role/potential of transdisciplinary design teams in helping to create a sustainable Dublin. Nuala likes chatting to people, eating carrot cake, wandering about the city, and Jonny Logan.

Micheál Rowsome
My name is Micheál. I’m 27. I am getting to know myself better each day. I joined Designing Dublin for many reasons –  to take myself out of my comfort zones, to explore new sides of myself, to live in Dublin, to learn new skills, to work with a group of people, to help others, to open my mind, and to explore my wonder about Design. I thought I loved problem solving and design but this has been challenged. I have realised that we all have our own unique gifts and I am currently learning to value them in myself and in others. I love potatoes, being outside, peas, dancing, shouting really loudly, laughing ’til my belly hurts, broccoli, art, water, the truth and much more.

Una Mc Grath
Una is driven by innovation, creativity and systemic approaches to improvement for business, society and environment. She worked as a consultant and business development manager for 5 years in sustainable transport and behaviour change and now sits on the board of Dublin Bus dropping quiet bombs. Previously she worked for 9 years at the Dublin Institute of Technology lecturing, training and developing learning programmes in IT and design. Una has EU-level experience and speaks French, German and Italian. She has worked as an independent expert for the European Commission evaluating funding proposals. She implemented a European project in Dublin with the City of Dublin Energy Management Agency (CODEMA) working with Dublin City Council and KPMG to develop sustainable transport plans. She set up a Commuter Centre at the Mater Hospital Campus working at the coal face with users and collaborated with transport agencies (eg the DTO’s Smartertravelworkplaces) to transfer this best practice. On a personal level she prefers all things authentic and holistic, likes to look sideways and deeply at things and runs a busy one-parent family. As a generalist who was never quite ‘in the box’, she was drawn to Love the City because it is transdisciplinary and uses true design process and user-centred approaches to solve worthy problems.

Mary Mooney
Hello, I am Mary. I am full of energy and always on the go. I am extremely passionate about community & youth work. I am really interested in using drama as a medium to explore issues and challenges that come up in communities. I am loving my time in Designing Dublin. It is a great space to be, full of fab people and everyday is different, sure what more could you want.

Shane Waring
I love the freedom that cycling makes me feel, and I love the buzz of problem solving.  My favourite songs are the sad ones…my favourite books end positively, but make you think. For me, memorable designs are ones that involve ‘organised chaos’…so there’s a clear structure, but then it’s sporadic and free within. I love Dublin.

John Conroy
I am a male of 63 years of age, a tradesman/foreman with Dublin City Council. Recently finished a BA in local government management, received a Licentiate for Drama from the Leinster School of Music (University of Ulster) in the late 90s. Married with four children, two boys and two girls. I am a writer, actor, director, workshop facilitator and presently learning to draw with pencil. I have some experience with community radio but no formal training. I am more interested in my art being practised in the community, away from what I would describe as professional art, art for personal growth. I am inherently shy and sensitive, but find an outlet through my imagination and creativity. I see myself as an artist searching for the answer and hoping I never find it.

Tara Whelan
Tara has a background in art, industrial design and digital media. She’s weirdly obsessed with everyday things, why people do the odd things they do and big words. She’s eager to try and make everyday life a little bit nicer for people and to encourage a them to take ownership of their city.  She likes making things, thinking about them and enjoys writing about herself in the third person.

Lindsay Rountree
My name is Lindsay, and I live and have grown up in Dublin. I’ve worked and studied in engineering and community development in Ireland and Kenya. I love traveling to cities around the world, exploring what I can find there, and learning how people live, and how and where they have fun. A day in Dublin for me is forgetting where I was heading, bumping into a friend and ending up in one of my favourite bright music bars til the early hours.