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» Designing Dublin 1.0

The Designing Dublin 1.0 team worked with an open theme – Finding the hidden potential of place – rather than a prescribed brief.

Designing Dublin 1.0 Team

The intention was to empower the team to discover the project parameters by allowing curiosity on three discovery streams:

Place – understanding the context
People – listening to residents needs
Potential – uncovering projects and identifying solutions

Clongriffin, located in Dublin’s North Fringe was used as the living laboratory and project base for the Finding the hidden potential of place project.

Clongriffin is a recently developed urban area that is facing the challenges of stalled development, large tracts of undeveloped land, empty retail units and miles of hoarding but has a state-of-the-art sustainable park.

Over the course of 12 weeks, the team developed 5 projects.

The projects emerged by:
Facilitating positive conversations between the residents
Listening and highlight the residents needs
Developing project concepts based on those needs
Iterating on the developed concepts with the residents
Inviting the residents to become champions of the projects

The 5 projects are…

Grow local
Is about growing local economy by developing a network of local businesses and entrepreneurs that share skills, knowledge and resources.

Is about empowering people to build and manage a temporary community hub that facilitates community growth.

Path to the coast
Is about clustering people’s energy and imagination to create a path of
possibilities to the coast.

Is about designing a platform for sharing local information on events, happenings, meetings, services, opinions, opportunities and culture in an easy, visual and stimulating way.