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Week 10 – The Hothouse goes to college


On Wednesday October 17th, the Hothouse Team revisited the Speed Architecture process with the final year Architectural Technology students in the Dublin Institute of Technology. The Clongriffin Hothouse project forms the core of their forth and final year thesis. The twenty students are broken up into four groups of five and are under the guidance of experienced architects on this project.

We adapted the process to concentrate more on the building process  and the community involvement requirements. The students impressed us with their preparation and consideration of the issues involved in this challenging project. We left confident that the design process was in good hands. Already looking forward to next spring and seeing the results of their hard work.

This session gave us a second chance to try out the speed architecture and dot voting method and we liked it as a process as it engages, maintains momentum and allows the quick gathering of group thoughts and priorities.

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