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Week 9 – Speed Architecture


The Community Hothouse Project held its second meeting on Wednesday 11th of November. The objective was to quickly capture the community wishes for the proposed community hothouse. The Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and the four architecture firms involved were present at the session. For this, we adapted a process first used with the KaosPilots back in September.

We asked the community a number of questions under three headings: Dream Building, Building Care , Activities & Stuff. This process was to help the community think about the look and feel of the building, the kind of activities they saw happening in it and how building might be maintained.

While the community numbers were smaller than our first meeting — it was bucketing rain — we got very high quality input. It became clear that the community primarily saw this as a place to meet and gather rather than a sports facility, that they rated the green/eco nature of the building highly and that they wanted as much light as possible. We let the community know that the process would be documented and circulated back to them and would be finalised by the 20th.

We were pleased with the process as it gathered the required information quickly and in a fun manner and felt the process was educational for us, the community and the architects.

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