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‘Love the City’ Spectacle at the Science Gallery!

How can the City become a place that magnetizes people towards it?
How can an area of the City be transformed to reach its full potential?
How do we grow peoples love for the city?

The ‘Love the City’ team spent 6 months answering these questions by engaging the City in conversation, uncovering and sharing it’s hidden gems and getting into the nitty-gritty of Dublin. In the process, they talked to 5,000 people, produced an exhibition and book of 100 exciting things you didn’t know about the City Centre, imagined 1,500 ideas, conceptualised 11 projects, used 12,000 post-its and held a Prototype Extravaganza day.
Designing Dublin will share the outcomes of the ‘Love the City’ project, explain their working process and reveal their learning’s in a spectacle of insights, wisdom and love.

18.00 Thursday 19th May at the Science Gallery.
Admission is free and to reserve places go to www.sciencegallery.com

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