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Out Loud : Final day

Niall & Edel

With their project, Niall and Edel were hoping to encourage people to stop, look around them and appreciate the many exciting things happening in the Market’s area.

They had two prototypes they were looking to test:

a) A suggestion box for the area
b) Cardboard arrows pointing to places of interest

They found that the suggestion box attracted a lot of attention but had difficulty convincing people to stop and engage.

The cardboard arrows, which they felt should be left unattended for the purposes of the test, had all but disappeared when they returned to collect them later on that day.

Although they found it challenging, Niall and Edel gained most from street conversations and in retrospect felt this was something that could be considered if they were to go ahead with a second iteration.


Joa first came to Ireland in 2004. Her initial impressions left her curious about why Irish people weren’t engaged with their public spaces more. She originally approached Out Loud with an ambition to make cubed street furniture. However, as she engage more with the process, her methodology changed. On the final day, Joa tested a Hedge school that would enable people to share information with the local residents.

Joa was surprised to learn that people were respectful of her hedge school idea once they understood it as a positive intervention. Not only that, she discovered that here project had an effect on the atmosphere in the area and people stopped to talk about things they wouldn’t normally have shared.

While these two prototypes were being tested, Ken, Siobhan and Stephanie were working in the background. Ken took advantage of Joa’s prototype to talk to residents about how they could make better use of their energy, while Siobhan and Stephanie spoke to passers by about graduate plug.

Over all, Out Loud has been an exciting adventure. During the course of the 6 months, mistakes were made and from it, new things were learned and developed. I would like to take this opportunity on the blog to thank everybody who gave it their support, enthusiasm and commitment.

Merci Bien

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