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Week 26 – Graduation celebration!

This Friday, the team gathered to celebrate all of the work we have achieved over the past seven months! The details of the days were kept hidden from the team, with one surprise leading on to another, much to some team member’s frustration!! Quite aptly, the day took in a few of Dublin’s hidden gems; a trip to IMMA, a walk along the Canals and lunch in Nellys Café in Portobello. The team were then whisked off to Woodquay venue for a graduation ceremony, where we were met with close friends of the project. Vannesa presented the journey of Designing Dublin, from the beginning of Clongriffin to the Prototype Extravaganza of Love the City, the outcomes for both the project and it’s participants. Jean Byrne and Jim Dunne spoke about Design Twentyfirst Century and the importance of design to tackle the challenges we are facing in Ireland today. John Tierney, City Manager, and Dick Gleeson, City Planner, spoke about how the City can build on the learning’s of Designing Dublin to develop a new work approach to working in Dublin.

The team were surprised with Love Awards to acknowledge their contribution to the City, team leaders gratefully received Loving Leading Awards and Out Louder’s and project helpers were offered medals to express our appreciation for their effort and dedication to the Love the City project. Another surprise for the gathering was the unveiling of a book of ‘100 exciting things you didn’t know about the City Centre’, which was distributed to past and present Designing Dublin team members and the Steering Group. The graduation ceremony was a suiting conclusion to the Love the City project – filled with empathy, joy and optimism, as well as a few well-timed surprises to keep everyone on their toes!

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