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Week 26 – Meeting the Steering Group for the final time

The Steering Group team, who have been working with us for the duration of ‘Love the City’, joined us for a dynamic and exciting morning in the Markets Area! The Steering Group team are made up of key City stakeholders in Dublin City Council and the founders of Design Twentyfirst Century. Armed with umbrellas and cameras, the group began with Nuala’s ‘City Works’ prototype, taking in the 20ft tall image of Miriam Kearns from DSPCA. They made a short hop to Micheál’s ‘Pimp your Pavement’ at Riverhouse, where Micheál’s plants and greenery braved gusting winds to express the potential for rich interactions in the area. From there, they made a whistle stop tour of Shane and Mary’s ‘DigitalMary’ prototype and Tara’s ‘Microcosmic Intervention’. They paused to take in Lindsay’s video with a quick cup of coffee and were off again for the final three – Eimear’s ‘10 Enterprises / 10 Days / 10 Tests’ in Kennedy’s warehouse; Vincent’s ‘Urban Living’ experience in the Market’s building and finished up in Una and John’s ‘Golden Path’ on Mary Street.

The high speed tour of the prototypes in the Markets Area ignited the Steering Group with optimism and inspiration for the future of the Markets Area. Their feedback along the way was honest, positive and helpful in moving the projects forward, noting the increased levels of activity on Capel Street and in the Markets. Having experienced the potential of the Markets Area today, the Steering Group as long-term guardians of our work in Love the City, are excited to see how these projects can continue and how the learning’s can be applied throughout the City.

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