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Week 25 – Prototyping in the Market’s area

Taking last week’s learning’s onboard, this week was make or break for a number of projects and the prototype projects went into overdrive! The team were working flat out to make sure that their prototypes came together in the best way possible, while dealing with the challenges that were arising and the natural fear of failure.

Nuala’s project called City Works had all hands on deck to make sure 25 people posters of varying sizes got to the printers in time to be with us by the weekend for pasting up in the Market’s Area. Tara’s ownership project, called Microcosmic Intervention, has evolved into a small intervention in St Michans Flats, where she is working with moss, stencilling and pallets to create a relaxing atmosphere. Una and John have been pushing their project, called Golden Path, to find new ways of addressing safety and navigation in the City. Vincent is hard at work in the Market’s building, turning discarded pallets into furniture for people to stop, sit and relax on for his project called Urban Living.

Micheál has been making waves outside the old Tax building near the Four Courts, where he has been gathering materials and testing what the space could look like if it were transformed with nature through his Pop-up Park. Lindsay has been busy editing video interviews of people in the Market’s Area and securing broadcast locations for his Broadcasting People project. You might catch a preview of this project over the next few days, if you pass The Exchange in Temple Bar. Shane and Mary are busy harvesting the results of their first DigitalMary process, contacting key stakeholders and planning a follow-up process to push the creativity network further. Finally, Eimear is putting the finishing touches to the 10/10/10 Laboratory of enterprises and inviting potential enterprise champions to an exciting process next week.

Meanwhile, interest in our work seems to be growing internationally. Two academics from the Institute of Technology in Architecture, Zurich joined us in our studio to discuss the project, share their perspective on successful cities and bring learning’s from the project back to their work in Switzerland.

This week each project has put in the grunt work and overtime needed to drive the prototypes into the final week and to their best possible conclusion. Things are shaping up very nicely for the prototype extravaganza next Wednesday, where each prototype will be on the streets for people to interact with, provide feedback and to inspire the City to re-imagine its possibilities! Make sure you come down to the Markets area next Wednesday, 30th March for the prototype extravaganza!

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