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JC-Red apple consequence.

Red apples have played a part in life down through the ages. Im sure it was a red Cox’s pippen that  Eve gave to Adam and look at the consequences, fish crawling out of the sea and turning into humans. Of course that still begs the question where did Adam and Eve come from but i dont have all the answers.

Sleeping beauty took a bite and fell asleep for a thousand years (Time depends on who your talking to or who’s telling telling the story ) and was only woken by a kiss from a handsome prince or was it a frog who turned into a handsome prince. This begs the question, what had the frog/handsome prince eaten. The other question i would ask is ‘Would the ugly frog know it’s a frog or does it see itself as a prince. Is it aware that it is ugly or presume it is a handsome prince. I suppose what i am getting at is, do we change or is it the frog. Suppose by a princess eating a red apple, the whole world changed  and we see things differantly, except the princess of course. As i said, i dont have all the answers, just the questions. A good question, just like a  red apple will lead to good outcomes but you must find your own answers, red apples and good questions enable this.

The reason i’m exploring this, is to look at the consequense of biting one of these apple to-day and falling asleep for a thousand years. Would the world wide web still exist and if it did, how much information would be on it. How long would your beard be, could the pretty princess have a beard, if she did, would the frog kiss her?

Would you wake up in the same bed and have bed sores. If you had bed sores would you be able to sleep for a thousand years. It may seem that these questions are uninportant but if you have bed sores your priorities change.

Just imagine what the bed would be worth or would it have deteriorated. The antique’s road show may still be around, depending on the price of fuel or will their transport be driven by red apples, well! you never know? Mind you, it would be rational to call it the ‘antique road show’, if it’s still travelling.

What is it about red apples as opposed to green or yellow apples, could it be allure or to be more precise, ‘Lure’.

Life would be better if we asked more questions and ate more red apples?

Dublin-a City defined by it’s ‘Lure’

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