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Week 24 – Radio, week nine – Prototyping ‘Lack’s of…’ part 2

Michéal and John, building on Shane and Mary’s introduction to prototyping last week, further developed the topic of prototyping. At the start, they briefly review key insights from the Street Conversations held in the Market’s Area. These conversations led us to discover the 11 ‘Lack’s of…’. Vincent shares his project on the ‘Lack of diversity and vibrancy’ and explains the process he undertook to get to his prototype and his plans for the coming weeks. Michéal also explains his ‘Lack of interactions’ and the prototype he is undertaking. Lastly, John runs through his and Una’s project which covers the ‘Lack of safety’ and ‘Lack of navigation’. An excellent run-down on the projects and their prototypes, this episode can’t be missed!

Podcast Week Nine

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