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Week 24 – Prototyping highs and lows!

A number of projects underwent an initial testing phase this week, with prototypes hitting streets and venues in the Market’s Area! The response to the testing of the prototypes brought to light the urgent need for these projects in the area, with the team members taking many learning’s away for both themselves and the group. Tara and her ‘Lack of ownership’ project tested bringing people of the area together to design pieces of public furniture around their favourite plant, which will then be fabricated and installed near the designer’s house for a week. Shane and Mary and their projects, ‘Lack of linkages’ and ‘Lack of appeal’ hosted a meeting of over 40 key stakeholders involved in creativity. They discussed how creativity can be grown in the area, found ideas for projects which will transform the Market’s area through creativity and linked these ideas with the people who would be interested in carrying them out.

The remaining projects are racing towards prototype! Nuala is busy photographing people, Lindsay is taking video recordings of people, Eimear is stalking down a vacant premise, Vincent is meeting health and safety requirements, Una and John are hammering out logistics and Ciaran is laying the foundation for his prototype. The projects are on the right track and will come to life in the next two weeks!

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