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Week 23 – Book club with Lindsay

On a giddy Friday, Lindsay took his turn on the book club with ‘Who’s your City?’ by Richard Florida. Florida previously wrote ‘The Rise of the Creative Class’, a book which proved highly influential around the importance of creativity in business. ‘Who’s your City?’ is a departure from this work, acting as a handbook for helping people to choose which City to live in. Florida’s theory is that places remains distinct and are growing more diverse and specialised. The “spiky world” theory explores the importance of place in the global economy and charts the reality of globalisation under key themes – population, economic activity, innovation and scientific discoveries. It also defines what people hold as important in Cities such as physical aspects, opportunities, leadership and openness. The book advises how to balance the economic traits of a City with the lifestyle opportunities it provides when choosing where to live. Florida proposes a practical 10-step guide for choosing the right City for your personality, which asks you to consider: What is most important to you right now? What do possible options offer you? Does it get you excited? These questions had the team excited, but we were quite disappointed to find there were no right answers! Lindsay recommends ‘Who’s your City’ to people thinking of moving or even for people who would like to remember why they chose to live in their City.

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