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Week 22 – Book club with Mary

Mary brought ‘Journeys of Courage’ by Joy Carol to her book club this Friday. It is a collection of inspirational stories from communities that have supported each other through hard times. Drawing on experiences in New York, post 9/11 Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, she illuminates the importance of community in the healing process. From fire fighters in New York, who helped children and teenagers identify and express their feelings after the attacks on the twin towers, who went on to tour the US highlighting the importance of recognising all of the people effected by this tragedy to Sister Consillo in Wicklow who founded a drug addiction recovery centre at Cuan Mhuire 40 years ago, which are now helping people suffering from addictions all over the country. Carol brings together stories where a small seed has grown to become very important and bigger than the founder could ever have imagined. The stories demonstrate what works for different communities, the positive impact we can have as individuals and the importance of communities supporting themselves and each other in the healing process.

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