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Week 22 – Steering Group meeting

The Steering Group, made up of key project stakeholders in Dublin City Council and Design Twentyfirst Century joined us on Thursday for an energising meeting. We challenged the Steering Group to each join a project, which was presented to them for 30 minutes. From this presentation they were tasked with understanding what the project concept is, what the prototype is and where the prototype will take place. After this, the group came back together and the Steering Group member had to communicate this information back to the larger group for feedback. The Steering Group took the challenge with gusto, getting to grips with their nominated project, offering helpful advice on how to carry out the prototype and assisting with resources where possible. Their advice and support is crucial to running successful prototypes and ensuring the projects have a life long after the Love the City project wraps-up so the team were delighted with their enthusiasm and engagement in the work!

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