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Week 22 – Working towards prototyping the ‘Lack of’s’

Things are all go in the studio this week! The project concepts and prototypes were finalised last week, which leads on to the task for this week: preparing and building the prototypes. The logistics of preparing 11 prototypes are mind boggling with each project guardian taking charge of ensuring that their ideas become a reality over the coming weeks, and Vannesa, Susan and Brian overseeing their completion. Mary’s project on the ‘Lack of linkages’ in the area is particularly vital at this stage, as her prototype is matching people in the Market’s area with the ‘Lack of’s’ to ensure community buy-in and in the process helping us find the perfect long-term project champions. A number of project overlaps have occurred so further projects have become married to support one another in prototyping. The soft concepts of the prototypes are meeting the hard realities of making them happen, with plans of action, budgets and permissions all becoming hot topics! The prototypes are as follows:

10 Enterprises // 10 Days // 10 Tests –
Using a vacant space to showcase innovative ways of how enterprise can transform an area.

Urban Furniture - Creating a destination place where people can pause, spend time, have a coffee, read a book, meet friends, within the Markets area.

City Works – Showcasing and telling the story of the people who make the city work in all levels of the and involving them in a human library event.

Broadcasting People – Capturing the stories of people and the Markets and projecting them around the City.

Are you aware? - Discovering the Markets area through fruity fun & frolics.

Pimp your Pavement – Using ecology and planting as a magnet for bringing people together and improving the Markets area.

DigitalMary.ie –
A human interaction network aiming to enable creativity to flourish in the Markets area.

Improving the destination experience – Improving the experience of navigation and the feeling of safety in the Markets area.

Square metre outside your door –
Using the construction of urban furniture as a tool to bringing two different residential groups together while improving the environment outside their homes.

As the excitement builds towards making the prototypes public, the team are really pushing for this last month to produce the best projects for the Market’s area. We are looking for brilliant people to help us on various projects, for more information about how you can sign up please see our ‘Upcoming’ page or email info@designingdublin.com.

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