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Week 21 – Shane’s book club!

Shane brought the book, ‘What would google do?’ by Jeff Jarvis to the team on Friday afternoon. The book is divided into two sections; the first part is based on lessons from Google and the second on what Google would do to revolutionise various companies and organisations. Indeed, there are many lessons to learn from Google and how they have succeeded in becoming the fastest-growing company in history. The book began with a complaint about

Dell published on Jarvis’s blog. It was when this complaint began featuring at the top of the list if you searched for Dell, that the company began reacting to Jarvis’s complaint. Dell realised that people will complain about you anyway, so you need to be tuned in to hearing it rather than ignoring it. At this point, Jarvis realised that business culture and how businesses interacted with customers was shifting, taking Google as an example of how it should be done.

The lessons Jarvis draws from Google include; providing a strategic platform or tool and letting people use it however they want; giving something for free and making income through a side door; making testing public such as gmail in beta, so the user can influence it’s development; communicating what the companies bigger service is to broaden their capabilities and remove gateholders. These principles are then applied to various companies such as airlines, clothes shops and organisations such as the government so you begin to see the world through Google eyes! A bold book, it shows the secrets behind one company’s successful revolution of the online industry by changing the game for all of the players. There are plenty of lessons here for the Designing Dublin team!

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