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Week 21 – Completing the ‘Lack of’ concepts

This week, each ‘Lack of’ was pushed and pulled, considered and reconsidered, widened and narrowed until a finalised concept emerged. Working individually, the team met and presented, taking 5 minutes to update the team on their work and 5 minutes for feedback. This format was repeated for each project up to twice a day to ensure we all remain on track and that the projects are growing into something juicy! The team are working loosely, dropping good ideas to find great ones, taking on the feedback that their project receives and turning corners to avoid getting stuck. Having worked in this fashion for a number of weeks, the ‘Lack of’s’ quickly developed into strong and exciting concepts to improve the Markets area. On Wednesday, we met to present the finalised concept, prototype and plan for the coming week. At this stage, each project met key criteria:

- A clear structure and sequence in the project, working from what we had heard to the big vision for the project in the form of short, medium and long-term goals;
- The key prototype idea;
- Background research into the prototype, why the big vision and prototype are being tested, site analysis, street engagement and hard statistics;
- Prototype location.

The final concept presentations were compelling, telling the story of where the projects began, showing how they had been thrown wide open and finally narrowing into a tangible and testable idea for improving the Market’s area. Now, with excellent critical feedback from the team, each ‘Lack of’ guardian will begin considering the logistics of the prototype and continue developing their marriages to other projects. Prototyping of the 11 ‘Lack of’s’ for the Market’s area will start from March 7th and will run until March 31st. Further details of where and when to see these prototypes will be available from this blog in the coming weeks!

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