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Looking for Help Angels

We need your help…

As the Designing Dublin 2.0 – Love the City project is now in it’s final month we’re looking for people to get involved and help out in many possible ways. We’re aiming to create exciting prototypes out on the street around the Markets area of the city (which is roughly surrounded by Capel St., Church St., North King St. and Ormond Quay). We’re hoping people can joining us in building, publicising, watching, recording, photographing, installing and much more over the next 3 ½ weeks from Monday 7th – Wednesday 30th March.

If you’d like to get involved in any way just get in touch with the relevant contact and they’ll work with you to find times/situations that work for everyone. It would be wonderful if you could join!

10 Enterprises // 10 Days // 10 Tests
Using a vacant space to showcase innovative ways of how enterprise can transform an area.
Eimear needs…

  • Help building small scale models and installing an exhibition
  • Help engaging with residents
  • Help promoting, both around the Markets and the rest of the city

Contact eimear@design21c.com

Urban Furniture
Creating a place where people can pause, spend time, have a coffee, read a book, meet friends, within the Markets area.
Vincent is looking for…

  • People with the ability to work with wood (it would be great if they have tools!)
  • Anybody who’s interested – people who can help out, work with the community, mind stuff, carry stuff, paint stuff, general helping hand
  • Anyone willing to sit in the ‘urban place’ for some time and document/watch how people use the space

Contact vincent@design21c.com

City Works
Displaying how the city works through the stories of people in all levels of the system and involving them in a human library event.
Nuala needs…

  • Help putting large scale paper pasted images of people up onto walls
  • Help taking portrait pictures
  • Help linking to people who are part of servicing the Markets area – local postman, water pipe arranger, local workers / residents and who would agree to have their photo taken and be part of the human library event
  • Help co-ordinating and running the human library event
  • Help promoting the event locally to people

Contact nuala@design21c.com

Broadcasting People
Capturing the stories of people and the Markets and projecting them around the city.
Lindsay needs…

  • Help video recording & editing
  • Help getting posters up around the area

Contact lindsay@design21c.com

Are you aware?
Growing awareness of the Markets and it’s offerings.
Ciarán needs…

  • Help running and manning a bike/smoothie station around the city, talking to people, promoting the Markets as a resource for the city

Contact ciaran@design21c.com

Pimp your Pavement
Bringing people together by planting in the Markets area.
Micheál needs…

  • Help facilitating his workshop
  • Help planting and people with an overall knowledge of gardening

Contact micheal@design21c.com

If you have any general questions or want to hear a bit more about everything just get in touch through info@designingdublin.com or call us on (01) 222 6576. We’d love to hear from you!

3 Responses to “Looking for Help Angels”

  1. HI EIMAR! I’M HAPPY TO HELP U WITH THE building small scale models and installing an exhibition.


  2. Miska says:

    Hey Lovely Love the city team:)

    what a amazing Idea…yes please can you tell me bit more about all…im based in west in the Burren and im wondering how many hours days will you need help,if decide to step in to one of the stations???example I may be interested in the city work photography stories…
    or what is available..??
    looking forward to hear from you

    with Love

  3. Kaz says:

    Hi Vincent

    Maybe I could help out in general/carry stuff/paint stuff??

    Let me know if you need a hand.

    Kaz :D