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Project relationships

People have been taking a lot recently about ‘joined up thinking’, usually in reference to large institutions or government policy, but what happens when we apply this concept on a smaller scale? During last week’s session, the Out Loud team began to see their projects in terms of their themes and not their methods (eg the noticeboard project became more about engagement and not simply about the provision of information). By exploring the projects in this way, Out Louders were better able to see the overlaps between each of their projects.

In order to explore this further, the team were engaged in a visualisation exercise. Each Out Louder was supplied with one sheet of A3 paper and one black marker and invited to draw how they saw all of the projects fitting together. With this exercise, the team began to understand the inter-relationship of all of their projects and identify the spaces where collaboration could happen. By the end of the evening, a decision was made by the team to join up and work more closely together.

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