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Using the 5 Questions

“Wednesday’s child is full of woe” – that may say it for children alright but not for Out Louders. When this crack team of creative commandoes descend on the building, it’s all action.

This Wednesday, the team were reminded that the area we were working in was the markets area; broadly contained within Ormond Quay > Capel Street > North King Street > Church Street. With this in mind, we hunkered down and continued to drill into the projects some more. The objective of this evening’s session was to try and get to the heart of each project – what was the project really about? What was central to its story?

The achieve this, we used the five questions mentioned in the previous blog post ‘Project Question’. Out Louders were encouraged to answer each of these questions with the help of the group and then asked to either define their project even further or re-phrase the project question.

Over the course of the evening, the project themes began to emerge and take shape. To give you an example: When picked apart in this way, Niall and Edele’s project on developing a Noticeboard became better understood as a project about increasing engagement in the area. Defining the project in this way frees Niall and Edel up to develop a variety of different solutions to an identified problem.

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