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Week 20 – Radio, week six – Enterprise in the City

Vincent and Lindsay, Batman and Robin, Sharkey and George, explored the topic of Enterprise in the City with the listeners of Near FM on Saturday. The third and final theme to emerge form the Discovery Phase of Love the City, Enterprise is what makes a City tick. Or is it? Lindsay and Vincent debate this, the meaning of enterprise and share with listeners an interview with Amy Neale, Programme Manager of the National Digital Research Centre. Enterprise is one of the most intriguing aspects of the Market’s area, with a diverse and entrepreneurial spirit emanating from the area. One of the 11 ‘lacks of…’ is the ‘lack of ease to start a business’. What this ‘lack of…’ means and the concept behind it is explored through an interview with the project guardian, Eimear. Finally, the dynamic duo discuss exciting enterprising initiatives in the City and share their learning’s so far.

Podcast Week Six

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