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Week 20 – Linnea’s book club

Linnea brought three books to the book club this Friday – ‘Glimmer ‘by Warren Berger, ‘The uncommon life of common objects’ by Akiko Busch and ‘Delusions of gender’ by Cordelia Fine. The varied selection fitted nicely with her interests in design and feminism. One of the best prepared book clubs to date, Linnea began with ‘Glimmer’, which is a must-read for this project. Berger’s book on how you can apply design thinking to wicked problems in the business, social and personal world. There are 10 key principles to successfully change design which are shown in action, using examples from the work of Bruce Mau, Yves Behar and Dean Kamen. These 10 principles are excellent for the team to be aware of and provides context to the work we do everyday. Secondly, Linnea brought us through the evolution of the telephone, how it has changed how we communicate and it’s growing range of functions intertwining with everyday life, in Busch’s book on ‘The uncommon life of common objects’.

The final book ‘Delusions of gender’, gave great insights into how our understanding of the world and gender are formed from birth. Rubbishing the science behind theories that male and female brains differ, Fine proves that we are affected by stereotyping from a very young age through subliminal messages and associative memory. There are no differences in the capabilities of the male and female brain, it is hardwired to do anything and learns from everything around it. A well-prepared, diverse selection of books with interesting topics and talking points, Linnea has set the bar very high for the next book club!

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