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Week 20 – Understanding the ‘Lacks of…’
and marrying projects

This week was all about the team pushing their ‘lacks of…’ to new places. Working individually on each of the 11 ‘lacks of…’ themes around which we are developing projects in the Markets area, the first task was to understand where the lack of came from. For this the team went back to what people in the Market’s area had said, pulling relevant quotes and conversations. Next, the big idea or vision for the project was selected by understanding the existing system around which the project is framed and the direction with the most potential. Finally the concept for the project was defined, with the short-term goal to be reached in March. Key to this stage of work was to keep the voices of the people close, to start anywhere and to use the research material we have already gathered. Interestingly, each team member approached their ‘lacks of…’ in different ways, with frequent presentation and feedback sessions to ensure all ‘lacks of…’ stay on track, are moving in the right direction and growing in depth.

It is an exciting stage of the project. With each ‘lack of…’ just finding it’s legs, we are mindful of giving the projects the structure and room to develop into strong, clear and relevant projects. Every ‘lack of…’ holds a piece of the Markets area puzzle! With this in mind, we teamed a number of the ‘lack of’ projects on Thursday afternoon. Some marriages were matches made in heaven, while other team members felt they were somewhat forced into wedlock! Not to worry however, the marriages are just a way of helping team members support one another, bounce ideas off and prototype together if overlaps occur. By next Wednesday, each ‘lack of..’ will be a fully formed project with a clear structure, vision and stages to prototype. The projects will all be tested in the Market’s area from the first week in March so keep a look out! In the meantime, the team will continue digging, having a-ha moments and nurturing their ‘lacks of…’ as they become projects capable of running long after ‘Love the City’ wraps up.

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