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Week 20 – Visit from Maser

Maser; graffiti artist, urban lover and champion of Dublin joined us on Wednesday to inspire the team as we give shape to the 11 ‘lacks of…’ in the Markets area. Maser has offered a lot of love to Dublin City; it’s identity and vibrancy. In return, Dublin has given him characters and stories to last a lifetime! Returning to Dublin after many years of travelling changed his perspective on the City and spurred him on to begin sending positive messages to Dubliners about the City with the project ‘Urban Lover’. Urban Lover featured taglines such as ‘Maser loves u’, ‘Urban achiever’ and ‘Eye feel this cities love’ placed in thousands of locations throughout the City.

Using the streets as a canvas has grown Maser’s affinity with homeless people, who use the streets as their home. The process of creating a piece of graffiti often means he spends long periods of time with homeless people in the City. The conversations and interactions he has with this frequently ignored section of society began a journey to fund raise enough money to pay for a much needed medical van for Dublin Simon Community. Maser contacted Damien Dempsey, a Dublin musician, and together they created ‘They Are Us’, a series of public art works inspired by Dublin City. Dempsey provided the lyrics and Maser transposed them onto the City. ‘They Are Us’ probes the mistakes of Dublin, highlights the good in the City and inspires Dubliners to rise above their challenges. The project succeeded in raising over €29,000 for the Dublin Simon Community.

Maser is a genuine champion of Dublin, holding up a mirror to where we are, inspiring a mood of positivity and taking initiative to create much needed  change for Dublin’s marginalised. How can we provoke all Dubliner’s to love the City like Maser does? His sage advice was to love yourself first. Love yourself Dublin!

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