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Week 19 – Radio, week five – Movement in the City

Tara and Linnea’s turn at the radio couldn’t come soon enough, especially with the exciting topic of movement in the City! This week’s radio show takes you through the project theme of movement, one of the three themes, which emerged from the Discovery phase of the project, along with Living and Enterprise, as one of the challenges Dublin faces. Tara and Linnea, with the able support of John, explore what movement means in the broadest sense – not just transport but movement of goods, information, people. They interview fellow team member, Una, who has a background in transportation design and strategy, to give her perspective on the topic. They discuss how the buildings in the City are affected by the scale and speed of movement, and vice versa, as well as the trend for cycling in Cities. Peter Leonard, who is a former DD 1.0 team member and now working on a Grafton Street regeneration project is also interviewed. They review the scheduled conversations held in November, where movement was debated with key stakeholders of the City. Finally, they focus on the Markets Area as an example of movement. Jam-packed with information, Tara and Linnea bring the topic of movement to life! Catch the podcast by clicking below!

Podcast Week Five

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