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Week 19 – Visit from The Studio

The Studio, an innovation lab formed in Dublin City Council by three of the DCC members of the Designing Dublin 1.0 team and since joined by two more DCC staff members visited us on Friday to see how our project was developing. Returning the favour after our visit in Week 16, Lindsay and Vincent brought the through the three project stages; A. Growing awareness of the city, B. Improve the destination experience, C. Make the city sticky. Focusing on phase B, which will continue until early March, they explained the process of selecting the Markets area, the recent work on the site study and Open Days. Lastly, they wrapped up by sharing the recent 11 ‘lacks of…’ that have emerged, with each forming a project which will be prototyped over the coming weeks.

The Studio and Designing Dublin have close ties, given that one was born out of the success of the other. Since then, The Studio has gone on to establish itself within DCC, undertaking a number of exciting projects using the existing skills and resources of it’s staff. The sharing of knowledge, working methods and lessons from successes as well as failures, allows both groups to continue learning from one another as both The Studio and Designing Dublin progress.

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