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Week 19 – Visit from Michael Rice

Michael Rice, bio architect, expert in sacred geometry and general spiritual guru was our guest speaker on Wednesday afternoon. This combination of interests and beliefs propelled Michael to design buildings, which promote a more sustainable lifestyle. Making a powerful point, Michael asks of architecture why unsustainable buildings are designed. He believes that a successful design should show a measurable increase in life support and quality. Basing his theories in fundamental elements of the universe; cyma tics, wave lengths and fractals, Michael shared some compelling work and life lessons with the team. The importance of not taking ownership, that the body and mind should be used as receptors for creativity without owning it; knowing which path to take in life by going with the most tingly option, the one that makes you feel most alive; and the importance of maintaining a grounding and sensing all that is around you. At the end, Michael performed an enjoyable experiment in kinaesthetics on the strongest man in the room – Ciarán! Firstly, he tested Ciarán’s strength by pushing down on his outstretched arm, which Ciarán resisted with great force. Michael then moved Ciarán’s to what he hoped was his week spot in the room, beside the telephone. From this place, Ciarán could hardly resist the push of Michael on his arm!

Michael’s talk proved to be one of the most controversial amongst the team, with differences in opinion’s arising regarding the theories behind his architecture and life philosophies. A guest speaker who provokes debate has engaged the team, great success! Regardless, the team can take many life lessons away from his talk, a greater knowledge of the principles of bio architecture, as well as fascinating insights into a unique perspective on the world.

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