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Week 19 – Visit from Charlie Lowe and Declan Wallace

Charlie Lowe, DCC Area Manager for the Markets and Declan Wallace, DCC Assistant City Manager joined us on Tuesday morning to share their knowledge, advice and insights with the team. They are two key decision-makers in the Markets area, working closely with the community to develop initiatives on the ground and initiating regeneration plans, to ensure the long-term development of the area. Charlie and Declan’s unique perspective brought to light a number of issues, which we will now take into consideration as we develop our projects. They expressed a need to begin creating small, incremental change in the area rather than sudden large-scale change in the form of redevelopment plans; the difficulties arising with communication across the numerous DCC departments involved in the area and the desire to grow citizen initiatives in the area through appropriate channels.

Seeing the Markets area through the eyes of the City Council was enlightening. They operate in a tricky space, working for the citizen but often limited by bureaucracy, politics and financing. These constraints, along with breakdowns in communication, often lead to a suspicion of the motives of DCC. It is now our hope to address these issues in the Markets area through our projects, to find new ways that DCC can communicate with it’s citizens, to help them work more effectively in an area and to begin resolving the doubt citizen’s may have regarding their motives. What emerged most compellingly from the meetings were Charlie and Declan’s shared passion to improve the Markets area for the City. It’s now our challenge to see how we can smooth the path for DCC to work most effectively for the Markets area.

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