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Week 19 – Advancing the 100 ideas

The team have produced 100 ideas for the Markets area, based on the site study research and conversations held during our open days. Now, the question turned towards which of these 100 ideas are the most appropriate for the Markets area? At this crucial stage, the team presented their process of distillation from the open day to the 100 ideas. Working through each group, the team pulled recurring themes and issues, such as the grab and go culture and the need for more unique services in the area. After hearing from each group, these issues were categorised and 11 common themes, or ‘lacks of…’ emerged:
A. Lack of safety
B. Lack of communication
C. Lack of identity & vision
D. Lack of community
E. Lack of wayfinding
F. Lack of facilities
G. Lack of ease to start a business
H. Lack of knowing the system of the area
I. Lack of ownership &citizenship
J. Lack of linkages
K. Lack of fun & lightness
L. Lack of diversity & vibrancy

Each theme or ‘lack of…’ is a potential project and will be prototyped over the coming weeks. With these themes in place, the team then had to get their elbows out and fight for guardianship of their desired theme! Under each theme, relevant issues, which we had heard in the Open Days, were added to give focus to the theme. These issues are essential to bear in mind as the work progresses, as they are what we heard directly from the people of the Market’s area.
Working individually, we then matched appropriate ideas both from the recent group 100 ideas task and an individual 100 ideas task undertaken in the first weeks of the project. The team are now getting to know and understand the project under their guardianship, and will begin spending time seeing the bigger picture, designing the system and finding scale in the project, before starting small by prototyping a solution in the Markets area.

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