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Week 18 – Open Day II

On Thursday afternoon, the team hit the streets once more! As we worked to distil 100 ideas for the area based on our conversations during the Open Day, we have found that further discussions with specific groupings are necessary to ensure all voices are heard. This second Open Day was more defined, with the team targeting specific groupings who we either missed the first time or did not hear enough from. Mary and Vincent headed to the Dublin Christian Missions on Chancery Place to talk to the youth of the area. Nuala picked up the responses box from the parishioners of Father O’Brien’s Cappuchian Friary. Shane, John and Nuala talked to parents outside George’s Hill Primary School as well as tourists in the Jameson Distillery. Michéal talked to Laura, the woman behind Block T and a head of the business development board in Smithfield. Nuala had lunch with Jessica Foley who is running sensory walks through the Market’s Area with the children of George’s Hill Primary School. From these exciting meetings and encounters, the team are now working to distil this information again and add to the 100 ideas.

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