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Project question

And they’re off! Out Louders are now galloping towards the finish line. First hurdle — the project question. The team are really sticking their necks out here. This evenings meeting was devoted to tackling this first obstacle which meant, you guessed it, asking more questions!

As a starting point, all of the work done to date was put up on the wall so each Out Louder could see their work to date; this included the 50 questions, the street engagement and the 10 international examples. Each team member was encouraged to think about the goal of each of their individual projects and challenged to come up with their project question – on the spot!

By the end of the evening, we had 4 fine project questions:

How to change people’s behaviour towards public space?
How can we invite people to interact with information?
How can we make energy consumption fun, sexy, more accessible?
How do we grow pioneers for the city?

These questions will now act as guides, helping each Out Louder to navigate the exploration process they have now embarked on. Bon voyage Out Loud! We look forward to your return.

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