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Can I create the Links

The theme I will be looking at  is the lack of Linkages

Some of the Lack of  linkages are between:

  • community groups
  • working community
  • living community
  • Garda
  • Dublin City Council
  • Youth Groups
  • vacant warehouses/buildings

To develop this further we pulled out all of the ideas that each team had developed around the street engagement process, we also went back to our 100ideas that each team member had created at the start of the project (everything comes back around and links in) we then had time to take as many ideas from each  board that we felt linked into our theme.

We each  presented  our theme and chosen ideas to the team after which we had a conversation about the theme. The team then helped to give each person ideas on how to further develop their theme. 

The next stage is to develop a  prototype on the theme. The thinking behind this is for each of us to  develop a prototype that will  will  plant  a seed in the area and overtime this will blossom and become sticky.

So this week is all about research, going over the theme and really looking into it and planning who it is we each need to talk to.

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