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Key relationships and 11 challenges in Markets area

Having concluded our site studies and street conversations with stakeholders using the markets area, we have distilled down our insights and identified the core relationships in the area and 11 key challenges to work on:

1. lack of identity/vision
2. lack of navigation
3. lack of knowing the system of the area
4. lack of fun and lightness
5. lack of safety
6. lack of diversity/ vibrancy
7. lack of communication
8. lack of facilities
9. lack of linkages
10. lack of ownership/citizenship
11. lack of ease to start a business

These themes were synthesized using a bottom up evidenced approach based on primary research – that is, what people told us.

We will each take charge of a theme and seek to fully explore and understand it over the next week. We will be looking into how this theme fits into the larger scheme of things and how it should be approached in the long-term view while determining appropriate methods to test and prototype that in the short-term.

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