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Deep Listening

We have further distilled all the information we have gathered during our street engagement process. We each presented our findings from the street engagement and site process. Then each team member wrote on a post-it what they heard with regards to the struggles/challenges of the Area. 

After each team  member had presented, we then grouped all of the issues into different themes that we felt represented the core of the collective issue.They are called  The Lack Of’s.

We have  11 in total.

  • Lack of Identity /vision
  • Lack of navigation
  • Lack of knowing the system of area
  • Lack of fun/lightness
  • Lack of safety
  • Lack of  diversity/vibrancy
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of facilities
  • Lack of ease to start a business
  • Lack  of linkages
  • Lack of ownership /citizenship

Each team member then selected one of the above.We then had to further analysis the  chosen theme. We done this by by taking the  time to ourselves to think about all we had heard ,we then wrote on a post what issue/challenge fitted under that theme.

A map was also created to show the way we thought communication happened in the Area.This was developed through the many chats we had during our street engagement process.  

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