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Week 19 – Radio, week four – Living in the City

What does living mean beyond habitation? What makes a liveable City? How does history effect how we live in a City? These are the weighty questions Vincent and Tara discuss with John in this weeks near fm broadcast. Living is one of the three themes, which emerged from the Discovery phase of the project, along with Enterprise and Movement, as one of the challenges Dublin faces. Vincent and Tara debate what living means, interviewing Donal Ó Fallúin, one of the minds behind, ‘Come Here to Me!’ a popular blog about the life, culture and history of Dublin City. They also review the scheduled conversations held in November, where living was debated with key stakeholders of the City. Finally, they focus on the Markets Area as an example of living, with it’s rich history and closely knit communities. This episode is not to be missed! Catch the podcast by clicking below!

Podcast Week Four

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