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Week 17 – Vincent’s book review

Vincent shared with us his review of The Smart Swarm by Peter Miller today. The Smart Swarm looks to ants, honeybees, and fish amongst others, for lessons humans can apply to leadership, self-organisation and collaboration. Using a personalised and entertaining style of writing, Miller poses questions, such as ‘Where do ants take their orders from?’. By experimenting on ant’s to see how they find the shortest route to food – by excreting pheromones – the ant’s can find the shortest route, and share their knowledge with one another. Businesses, companies and teams can learn lessons of decentralised control and distributing problem solving from the ant’s style of swarm intelligence.

The conclusions that Miller reaches challenges the traditional model of businesses, putting forward a strong argument for businesses to apply swarm behaviours to better organise itself and to encourage more independent thinking. A very interesting book, Vincent highly recommends it. The rest of the DD team are fighting to be the next to read it!

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