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The Markets Area – Street Engagement

So back out onto the streets we went, engaging with the users of the markets area in the pursuit of a further understanding of the area.

Myself and John headed out, with a card board table under our arm and a sign asking people

“Can you help us design a better markets area?”

We positioned ourselves in a few different places over two days, and got a huge level of interest and amount information from the people we talked to, at times we had a queue of people waiting to talk to us!

Our aim was to engage people in a conversation about the area, to find out how it is they find and use the area. This was so that we could find out more , understand the challenges people have, and what their needs are in the are, and then also to get out any ideas they have for the Markets area.

These people came from a range of backgrounds and were there for all sorts of reasons. From trading and retail, to just-passing-through and don’t actually stop for anything within the markets area.

We also had a map of the area where we could plot their common routes through the area, and they could point out where their favourite spots were.

We got SOOOOOO much information, and from this we have started distilling everything and pulling out challenges and information.

The trick to our work is to get it all up on boards around the room so that you can look at it all and then see the next move to pull out challenges and ideas.

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