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Words of wisdom…

We had the wonderful Anastasia Crickley in talking us to last Wednesday the 2nd February. She is a very inspirational person to me as she is the head of the Applied Social Studies Department in Maynooth where I completed my Diploma in Community & Youth Work.  She is a very influential Woman in terms of her work in  Community Development. She was one of the founders of Pavee Point she works continuously for travellers rights, she is also the founder of the Migrants Rights Centre.

She sits on and chairs many committees on a national and international level.Some of these include Chair of  EUMC management board in Vienna,Chair of the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia and she also works overseas with Irish prisoners who have  been inhumanaly treated.

She is a very strong women. I put her on our list of speakers as I thought it would be benefical to have her in  to talk to us about  engaging with people at a local level.  This is the stage we are currently at. She spoke to us about change and the different  levels of engagement that can effect change they are: 

  • Local procedures this involves engagement at a local level e.g. organising a clean-up,street festival, street party.These activities/ events should not be dismissed as they can bring about change over time.
  • Policy change. This process takes longer  to do as it involves changing  the norm.
  • Change the thinking. This is about changing the way people think and interact with their environment e.g using design as a method  to promote change.   

Her insights helped  me to focus and to reflect on the following:

  • Who am I doing this for
  • What is possible in the time frame allocated
  • What change  is going to come
  • What will the area/ people achieve from our interventions

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