Designing Dublin: Learning to Learn

Micheal and I visited the markets at the crack of dawn, on the 28th of January 2011, to interview the people on the street at this time. It was a frosty morning, the light from the warehouses spilled out onto the streets and the forklifts buzzed around us. We met warehouse owners and employees, fruit shop owners from around the country, coffee shop owners, employees of Total Produce and some residents of the area. We gained some interesting insights into how the area worked and into why people choose to get their fruit and veg supplies from this area. All of the people listed ‘the craic’ as one of the areas most positive attributes. It is interesting to note that we did not meets any females on our travels.

We left surveys with Fr. Bryan Shorthall, the parish priest, who asked the Sunday church goers to fill them in. However, as of yet our return box is empty!

We also visited George’s Hill National School to meet the parents as they waited to collect their children. The majority of the parents which we met had concerns about their children’s safety in relation to the chaotic traffic in the area.

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