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Listening to what we heard

Last week all the street engagement teams gave presentations to the whole group about their experience of talking to people and what they heard. It was interesting to hear about the different perspectives and opinions the team had heard. Something that struck me was just how diverse the things people told us were. Shane mentioned how one person might say something along the lines of “great sense of community here, people are very friendly”, and the next person might say “its gotten very isolated here, people just keep to themselves”. It reminds us of the complexity that we are trying to tackle. Sometimes it is bewildering to try to understand all the layers and components that make up the city, and even a smaller area. The level of sensitivity needed to come up with appropriate and interesting solutions when distilling material collected from talking to people is huge.

With this in mind, the team have tried to get to the bottom of what it is we have been told by the people in the area, and then following this, come up with ideas on what we could do to tackle the things people want tackled.

I worked with Shane and Nuala to look at the range of ideas that had come up. We then tried to group the ideas, to get an understanding of what elements of the area we were proposing possible positive (oooh alliteration) changes for. We came up with roughly 14 categories. This way the ideas are linked in what might be possible interesting or useful combinations. Or, for example, under the events category, we might say what event here might have potential for helping reinforce a sense of community…

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