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On our feet again!!

This week involved us looking more into the area. I spoke to more key people in the Community including the Youth Worker for the Markets Area (Kathy),Sergeant Barry, Declan from the Dublin Christian Mission( this is open to young people and  adults from the community). It was great talking to all of  them I really enjoyed it. I found out what work they do,what their challenges are,what they hope for the area. It was great getting to know them and lovely to see that they are passionate about their work  and the area.

Myself and Vincent also spoke to some of the young people that attend the Dublin Christian Mission after school club during the week.It was good to hear their voices and see their energy we spoke to young people aged from 8-12years. We also spoke to a 21year old  who has been going to the Dublin Christian Mission since he was 7. He now volunteers in the club and he is actively involved in helping out and bringing the young people on trips to countries like Belarus and the next one is Morocco where they will be bring young people  from Morocco to Franch ,he also teaches young people guitar. It was very inspirational for me to see that he was  still linked into the mission at 21.

We asked them things like:

Where do you live?, Do you play in the area?,How do you have fun in the area?,What is your favourite thing in the area?,How would you describe the area to a friend? ,When you are older would you live here?.      

I got clarity on the car park that is on the old fish market site. There was an incident where a young girl got hurt whilst playing by a car. The Residents lobbied for a safe place for their children to play. DCC gave the community the car park for a month to use as a space to play in. Basketball hoops were suppiled  as part of this. But the tenants could not keep it going the following year to build on it due to insurance  costs. 

Remains of  Basketball rings at car park:  

Part 2 of the above research included team members teaming up and going out on the streets, to businesses, the markets workers. Myself and Ciaran went around talking to Community Supports. We spoke to groups and staff in the MACRO, Ken in SARI (Sports Against Racism Ireland) , HACE (Henrietta Adult and Community Education Service). 

To discover more during our chat:  we asked what they do? ,what they think the challenges are?,How has there work gone towards addressing these challenges?, what they think of the  Market?. It was important to get a sense of where the community organisations are at  in terms of  their own work.   

Getting insights like these  helped me in the following way:

  • Got a better feel of the work and people
  • Hearing from the different voices that are active in the area
  • Helped me to get a sense of what is going on
  • Brought life into the area


    From talking to the different Community Support groups in the Area the following issues emerged:  

  • Awareness of Services
  • Funding
  • Lack of facilities for Young People
  • Sterotyping of Young People
  •  Awareness of the Markets  
  • Signage for the Area
  • Dialogue
  • Working in partnership
  • Having a voice
  • Being listened to (having a voice)
  • Promoting the history of the area
  • Looking at making DCC policy user friendly
  • Building relationships

 Now the next step is to look into ways of addressing the issues we have heard from the mountain of people,workers,traders, community groups, children,parents and more that we have spoken to.

Wall at Luas stop at the Four Courts. Could this be in need of LOVE?????  

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