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Week 17 – Radio, week two – Love the City

Building on the discussion of who is Designing Dublin last week, the radio team for week two, of Lindsay and Mary, focused in on Designing Dublin’s current project entitled Love the City. They explained the project’s working area and initial site study research and brought listeners through a discussion on how and why the Markets area was chosen for Love the City. They also highlighted two interviews – one with Michael Stubbs, Assistant City Manager, who has a unique perspective on the City and the Markets area, as well as a second one with Brian Swann, Deputy City Architect, who worked on the Smithfield development, which is closely linked to the Markets area.

Mary and Lindsay, in the course of an hour, explain gleefully the work we are focusing on at the moment, sharing their experiences and learning’s so far. A high-octane and entertaining show, if you missed it you can listen to the podcast below:

Podcast Week Two

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