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Site Study – Enterprise and Retail

The theme under which I was tasked with Site Study was Enterprise and Retail.

I went out to look at the types of businesses that are in the area, taking notes and photographs as I went. As I went about my investigations, I began to wonder about how we could measure the effect that our project might have…

The types of businesses in the area is centered around the economic activity of the market, so there is lots of fruit and veg wholesale and retail. As you look around the market building itself, there is Brendan’s Cafe. Towards the Capel St. side there is more variety in the enterprise, for example along Mary’s Lane and Mary’s Abbey we have Tattoo Studio, CycleBike and MCR, as well as the Laundrette.

There were some little surprises along the way as well, I never knew there was an architecture firm in the area:

or a hot desking space, AmWorks, on Anglesea Row. Just goes to show what you might find in an area if you keep your eyes and ears open.

During my research I talked to one or two people, mainly people who work in the markets. The overall feeling from what they said is that there is less work now, with lots of empty stalls in the market building. They also talked about how cold it was to work there, seeing as the building was built to stay cool to preserve the fruit and veg.

I also got thinking about what we could measure in an attempt to track the impact we have on the area:

  • money (revenue in the area)
  • footfall (our good friend footfall)
  • vacant stalls/properties
  • pop-up/start up businesses
  • variety of goods and services

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