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Street Conversation – Snippets from the horses mouth

“The beautiful market building is full of stored goods. Why don’t you put the storage in all the ugly buildings and put nice things in the markets building.”

– Agnieska, 30, Polish, living in Inchicore, cycles weekly to the markets for fruit and veg because its cheap, gets fish at Kish, Smithfield.

“Worlds collide in this area. It can be intimidating at times……The markets are very disorganized and it is not clear where you are allowed to shop. ….There is no corner shop here……All the trainee lawyers here are just looking for an opportunity to network socially and it helps them advance their careers. If you planned an event disguised as a cheese and wine reception or something they would even pay €5 donation to get in”

- James, 30, Irish, cycles daily from Infirmary Road to work in courts.

“I was sorry to see the markets go down as they were the backbone of the city centre commercially and socially. Change the area only if necessary as it is full of character and history. Add more colour and fill in the gaps of derelict sites but not with hotels, not apartments, not offices please…..

I come here to socialize. The early houses here are a good feature. They attract tourists in and people who have just finished night shift, it’s a very sociable area”

- Anonymous (by preference), 58, Irish, walking in several times a week to socialize in area, in pubs.

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