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Markets area- what people are saying

Over the last week we’ve had our ear to the ground in the markets area. We have engaged in conversations at various location points in the markets area, with a variety of target groups at varied times of day. Again like our previous street conversations all over Dublin, we are using processes to dig deep and draw insights from people in and around the markets area.

 I set up shop in 3 areas with Micheal and Shane:

Location 1: Chancery House Flat Complex

Location 2: Ormonde Square

Target: residents

 Location 3:  Corner Church Street / Luas Line

Target: General passers-by

We approached people using a map to discover the route they took through the area, their typical use of the area, how they would describe it to a friend, what hopes they had for the place and what insights or knowledge they had.

Back in the studio we pulled out the key things people were saying and used these to develop ideas for the area.


Recurrent themes that seemed to arise from my personal scan of all the teams findings were as follows:

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